"The British Commitment, along with the Italian Experience"

About us

Exceltour is an italian tour operator, based in London. The purpose is to create high quality services for different target and in particular for Italian students involved with Pon Projects C1/C5, now named L1/L2, for the moderate areas (regions Objective 1: Apulia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily). Over the years, their requests are becoming more selective and we want to satisfy their needs.

Our team is Italian and English, a dynamic environment where the passion for travels is the main component:

FRANCESCO PIRELLI: CEO, from Apulia, Ticase, a small town close by Lecce

FABRIZIO: individual booking and excursions

VALERIA: group and individual booking

ANDREA: PON, POR, L1 and L2 project planner

SUFYAN MOAVIA: accounting

Our services

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  • Service Organization regarding Pon/Por L1 and L2 Projects
  • Booking for individual and groups
  • Individual Private transfer from/to all London Airports
  • Group Private Transfer from /to all London Airports
  • Transfer with cars or bus to the major british cities
  • Excursions in London and other cities
  • Travel Cards for London and other cities
  • Reservation and tickets for theatre, touristic and cultural activities
  • Reservation in our main partner restaurants for individual and groups
  • Blue Badge Tourist Guide Reservation

Por/Pon L1 Projects

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Organization of the full trip regarding these Projects, internship in our company and others, school trips.


  • L1 4 weeks in London
  • L1 4 weeks in Bournemouth
  • L1 4 weeks in Cambridge
  • L1 4 weeks in La Valletta (Malta)
  • L1 4 weeks in Barcellona
  • L1 4 weeks in Padova (Italy)

Por/Pon L2 Projects

Organization of the full trip regarding these Projects, for the improvement of foreign languages abroad, for individual and groups


  • L2 4 weeks in London
  • L2 4 weeks in Dublin
  • L2 4 weeks in Edinburgh
  • L2 4 weeks in Montpellier (France)
  • L2 4 weeks in Paris
  • L2 4 weeks in Malaga(Spain)


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188 Mitcham Road, Tooting


Tel. 0044 7492 359305

Rappresentanza italiana

Tel. 02 37901128

Cellulare 0039 380 4313732

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